•   La Laja Beach: the best for a swim   
  •   Sunsets… spectacular every day   
  •   Los Castillejos Beach: get for it all at this wild beach   
  •   El Faro Beach: a famous spot for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing   
  •   Enjoy a walk to Trafalgar Lighthouse along the causeway   
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The Beaches at Caños de Meca

The beaches at Caños de Meca are an essential part of the landscape and provide you with the possibility of practising an ample variety of activities. The playa del Faro, with its beautiful sand dunes is the perfect place for water sports, Playa de los Castillejos is natural and spectacular while Playa de la Laja with its long stretch of sand provides you with an amazing choice of places to enjoy the local gastronomy as well as many bars and a lively night-life.

Most of the year these beaches are practically deserted. Due to there being very little urban development and with the National Park, La Breña on our doorstep the natural landscape is intact, conserving all its beauty. Over the months of the summer there are quite a lot of holidaymakers but it is never too packed. Let yourself get carried away by the bohemian lifestyle and the sense of freedom that can be felt in the air in this far away southern corner as far south as you can be and which has been a point of reference for 40 years now.….

La Laja Beach

There is direct access to this beach right across the street from Hostal Fortuna.

It is the main beach in Caños de Meca and has beautiful, fine golden sand. It is also protected from the prevailing easterly wind known as Levante as well as there being no currents. This makes it the ideal beach to enjoy the perfect day with friends and family.

Its crescent shape assures calm waters and makes you want to take a stroll along and you can see the famous “caños”, fresh water springs that can be found along the rocks at the back of the beach. Kids and adults alike also take great joy in exploring the rock pools that form at low tide where you can see a variety of little fish and even crabs.

But one thing above all makes this beach unforgettable, at sunset the silhouette of Trafalgar Lighthouse turns a beautiful tone of red with the last rays of the sun every evening, absolutely spectacular.

Los Castillejos Beach

This beach is on the eastern end of Caños, just a few minutes walk from the hostel. There are tiny little coves and a few caves along the edge of the coast below the cliffs covered in intensely green pine trees in the National Park, contrasting against the intense blue of the sea. It is the most popular nudist beach in Caños, where you can enjoy a tranquil swim in unique surroundings, totally in harmony with nature.

Low tide is the best time to go to this beach and enjoy one of the most emblematic hikes of this area. After about half an hour´s walk along the beach, passing through charming, solitary little coves, you have a surprise waiting for you,: Las Cortinas beach, where fresh water springs from highest point of the cliff and falls below to the mouth of a natural cave in the rock face where you can enjoy a natural, fresh, spring water shower as the cherry on the cake after a magnificent walk through nature.

El Faro Beach

A visit to Trafalgar Lighthouse is another route we highly recommend, above all around sunset. It is a very agreeable stroll, along the sand dunes where you will see some pine trees partially buried by the sand they are holding on to and you end up at the lighthouse from where there are absolutely amazing, panoramic views of the coastline.

La Playa del Faro is and has been a famous spot among surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers too for quite some time now.They flock here looking for the strong easterly wind, the Levante which they need to make them fly at great speed across the water. Parking is available nearby so you can leave your car and enjoy a day of surf, sea and sand.

The beach on the far side of the lighthouse is a really long stretch of sand and there are quieter, nudist beaches where there is practically nobody about. Here there are dangerous currents in the sea and you must be extremely cautious when you go in for a swim.

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