•   Take the path along the cliff to Torre Del Tajo   
  •   Walks through La Breña Natural Park   
  •   The best waves at Los Castillejos, Los Apartamentos or El Faro Beach    
  •   If Levante is blowing, practice windsurf or kitesurf at El Faro Beach   
  •   Feel the power of the wind   
  •   Fishing off the reef   
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Tings to Do: Activities and Sports

Trekking in La Breña National Park

La Breña National park and the salt marshes at Barbate make up one of the most stunning landscapes on the whole coast of Andalusia. Walking through the forest of pine-nut pines, along 100m high cliffs, with Trafalgar Lighthouse back along the coast and the Atlantic ocean below you as your only company, it is a route that is well worth the effort.

There are quite a few different trekking routes through the park that also pass through or start in Caños, up to nearby San Ambrosio and even to Barbate and the marshes along the river there. For more detailed information there is a Tourist Information office at the harbour in Barbate.

Two routes we recommend starting from Hostal Fortuna:

• The Cliff Route or Torre del Tajo Route.(7kms-3hours approx.)
Leaving the hostel you go towards La Pequeña Lulu and go in to the Park, the route begins here. Pine trees provide shade the whole way along the track that winds along the cliffs. Seagulls, cormorants, herons and egrets form a part of the magnificent land and seascape. Halfway along the walk you come across La Torre del Tajo with a sizeable view-point from where you can take in the impressive views of the cliffs and of the African coast just across the strait. From here you can either take the same path back to Caños or continue on to La Hierbabuena beach.

• Torre de Meca Route (3kms-2hours approx.)
A short distance from the hostel there is the crossroads that goes towards Barbate. You walk for a few minutes along this road and take the path on the left-hand side that goes directly into the Park. A little further on, take the track that turns off to the right and follow it the whole way up to the top of the hill that dominates the landscape in Caños. Here you will see La Torre de Meca and a little further on there is a view-point with amazing views of the ocean, framing Trafalgar Lighthouse. With extreme caution you can make your way back down along the fire-breaker, it´s a lot of fun sliding down the sandy slope.

Bicycle or Mountain Bike

There are many different cycling routes in Caños, they vary in difficulty but all are out in the wonderful natural surroundings and a mountain bike is probably the better option. You can cycle through the Park and find your way to Trafalgar or explore unknown tracks around La Aceitera and Zahora, or just as easily head up to the pretty countryside at San Ambrosio and visit the VIIth century Visigoth hermitage or the Palomar de La Breña, or the old windmills up in Vejer, or cycle along to the waterfall in Santa Lucia.…..

Here at Fortuna we are more than willing to help and advise you on the best options for cycling around and where to discover an area full of life.

Horse Riding Routes

There are various stables and riding schools in the area which offer routes through the National Park or along the beach. It’s another great way to see our beautiful surroundings. We can help you with all the necessary arrangements.

Canoe and Kayak Excursions

Only possible on days when the sea is calm. Starting from the beach at Hostal Fortuna, this guided excursion, in either a canoe or kayak, follows the coastline below the 100metre cliffs covered in pines as far as Las Cortinas beach and La Playita Verde. The views are breathtaking, the water is crystal-clear and the seagulls flying around are the only company you will have.

Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Los Caños de Meca is a well-known and emblematic spot for practising any of these sports and has international recognition. Depending on the weather conditions you will see either surfers or windsurfers and their sails or kitesurfers if the Levante wind is very strong. The surfing season begins in November and goes on the whole way through to March. It is a bit more difficult to get good waves in summer.

Surf-lovers get together at a few different places, all close to the hostel: Castillejos beach, Urbanizacion Playas del Estrecho, or at El Faro beach. When the easterly Levante wind blows hard the waves disappear and it´s time for the windsurfers and kite surfers to hit the water.

If you need to rent surfing equipment there are a number of surf schools and shops in El Palmar, just a 10minute drive away. Windsurf and kitesurfing equipment has to be rented in Tarifa.


The beaches at Caños have different types of sea beds, there is some sand but small reefs and loose stones predominate.

On the beach across from Hostal Fortuna you can reach the reef at low tide and fish directly from there.

The fishing is also good at El Faro, near La Aceitera and people often get lucky and make a nice catch.

Below the cliffs of the National Park there are some lovely little coves but you must be careful as you can get stranded there at high tide.

The most common species found in the area are rock bream, sea bream, saddled sea bream, sea bass, braize and.…..

Harpoon Fishing or Apnea and Snorkelling

The sea beds around Caños are another amazing feature. For these activities it is very important that the conditions are right and that the water is clear, be careful with the currents.

Very close to the water’s edge on the beach across from the Hostal Fortuna there is a small reef that emerges at low tide. The currents here are not as strong and on the outer rim the water is about 7metres deep. If you are lucky you might spot some grouper, rock bream, sea bream, haddock, denton,grouper,butterfish and maybe even some gilt heads and sea bass.

Other places which are good for fishing are the Cala del Aceite near Conil, Cabo Roche or Bolonia.


Immersion points:

• Engraero (22metres to 28metres approx.)
Between Caños and Barbate. Passive observation of local species and with the possibility of seeing tuna, especially in Spring when they migrate into the Mediterranean.

• Los Boquetes (12metres to 18metres approx.)
Just four miles from the sailing harbour in Barbate and across from the beach at Zahara de los Atunes. Apt for beginners as you can dive repeatedly and see quite a few species such as rock bream, sea bream, gilt heads, spider crabs etc..

Bird Watching

The geographical location of La Breña National Park and Barbate´s salt marsh, wedged between two continents makes it impossible for migratory birds not to pass through here. Seagulls, pelicans, egrets and herons all nest and breed on the high cliffs in the area.

It is an activity that has gained in popularity over the last few years and now you often see birdwatchers in the area, with their binoculars and camera always close at hand.


The golf course which is closest to us is only 20minutes away, Montenmedio. It is a well renowned and prestigious club where world-level tournaments are played.

This golf course is a real treat in store for players, with its 18 holes and a par of 72. The layout of the course is totally integrated with the surrounding terrain and feels absolutely in touch with nature.

If you do visit Montenmedio you must not miss the NMAC Foundation, a sculpture park out in the open air. World renowned artists have worked hard since 2001 and have consolidated a unique collection of sculptures and interesting installations here.

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